Working from home, what a fairytale!

Carla Regina singer

You wake up, and after your coffee, still in your nightgown, you start to ease in your work routine.

Oh, what an idyllic image.

Well, flash news. It does not work like that.

I sit at my piano, start to warm up my voice, yes, in my nightgown and there it is.

Distraction, distraction, that is the name of this game.

Oh my God, those books need to be put away. Those toys need to be put away.

Lia, why do you feel the need to leave Paw Patrol stuff all over my studio?

And why on earth do I have this OCD moment, in the middle of my warming up?

Ok, then I will start all over again and think scripts, blogs, projects.

Uhm…the sofa is comfy, next thing you know, I am chatting away with my sofa buddy on the internet.

Back to the piano, the seat is hard enough to focus, if it was not for that beeping noise meaning:

“Girl, could you please, please unload the washing machine?”

As you can see…a disaster  🙁 🙁

Working from home is not a solution for me.

It is so important, as an artist, a creative person, to find a space in which you can be in your zone.

You can be in the moment, and have the flow of ideas come to you.

Not to mention, in the specific, a place where you can sing high B`s without hearing the dog of the neighbour going berserk on you.

So important to declutter, to clean up your inner church, to be in your work clothes, literally and emotionally. To unload a flowing stream of music, instead a flowing stream of chores, thoughts, worries and actions that come  with being a mother, a member of a family, the mistress of the castle.

Luckily when you call the universe, the universe responds.

Meet Haparandaweg 788a

Carla Regina music studio

A place sent from heaven, where magically things happen, ideas happen, the voice is free to wander as much as she wants.

A wall full of trees, windows full of light, as much as you can in the dutch winter.

An enourmous 67 number in front of you, in case you were wondering: “Where is this place again?” J

Scarlett Arts Muziek

Just what you need to concentrate

And boy, concentration it is. I get more work done in an afternoon that in a whole week.

I enjoy the de-cluttering, the tidiness, the silence.

The afternoon that becomes evening, the enormous 67 towering in front of me in the dark.

The green solitude, the adjustable chairs. Feels like home, yet it is a working space.

carla regina musicstudio

Wonderfully enough, it retains all the positive features of a home, without the slackening of it.

I am happy, enthusiastic, I found my place.

Next step: hosting a concert there.

A try-out TAKE 2  of my show    “My favourite things” .

The first try-out of this new #theatermusica project went really well. Reactions poured in.

” Full of passion, this diva – and diva she is  indeed!- carried the public away with her performance full of temperament…

Everything she sings, she puts her heart and soul in it…”

Some mailed asking: “When is the next one? When can we see it again? Can we book already?”

In my mind a ping-pong game :  doing it again- perfect location- doing it again- small&intimate- doing it again -cosy&inviting.


It is the perfect setting for an intimate, cosy, warm afternoon with my favourite things, songs, memories, funny stuff that happened in all of these years of being on stage.

Working girl in a working place. And the working place becomes your home .

Now, THAT’S a fairytale.

See you there! (handful of seats still free…didn’t we say we wanted to keep it small?)