As long as I remember, I loved stories. Loved hearing them, collecting them, writing them.
As long as remember I have been writing.
Later it came the moment to put this writing in action and write scripts for my show.
Of course, you will find my scripts in this blog.
But moreover, you will find what I am passionate about.
Art, music, theatre, my daughter, the country I live in, the country I left many years ago. And above all, you will find stories.
Stories about the constant journey inside and outside myself. My stories.

Amo le storie da sempre. Mi piace ascoltarle, vederle, collezionarle, inventarle e scriverle.
Scrivo da sempre, e di questi scritti, ad un certo punto, ne ho fatto copioni per i miei spettacoli.
Queste e altre storie saranno le protagoniste di questo blog, insieme a tutto ciò che mi appassiona.
Arte, musica, teatro, la mia bambina, la terra che mi ha regalato le ali, la terra che mi ha donato le radici, e tutte le terre che attraverso viaggiando.
Tutto questo e molto di più …insomma storie.
Storie di viaggi, dentro e fuori di me.

Work, sweet work (better not to build a home around it)

Working from home, what a fairytale! You wake up, and after your coffee, still in your nightgown, you start to ease in your work routine. Oh, what an idyllic image. Well, flash news. It does not work like that. I sit at my piano, start to warm up my voice, yes, in my...

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The performer’s point of view (the aftermath)

My new theatre concert “My favourite things” is  a reality now. Try-out is done and dusted. Room was full, piano was great, @Manuel you rock big time, voice in top form . I went for it. “Vol overgave en passie wist deze diva -jazeker, dat is ze!- het publiek in...

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The Naked Truth (waiting for the try-out)

On Sunday, finally, I will debut my new theater concert in its first public try-out . It is called “My favourite things” and it is about …my favourite things. Singing things, that is. 🙂 Opera, jazz, dutch songs,...

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Road to insanity (just songs, you know)

Great, the try-out of a new idea and a new program is planned. We have a date! A brand new program in which my signature mix and macht of different styles will be celebrated. More a concert than a theaterpiece, still with a bit of talk in between : My favourite...

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